Our Spiritual Self as a Mirror

Our Spiritual Self as a Mirror © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

OUR SPIRITUAL SELF AS A #MIRROR: “Being clear with ourselves allows us to be clear with others. When we are not clear, the other person gets a distorted view of themselves.” – Kim Anthony Kersey | #HeartsJourney #ValentinesDay Continue reading


Love And Communication

Love And Communikation © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography #Herzensreise #Scones

LOVE & COMMUNICATION: “So, when you meet someone who always understands “green” when you say “red” […] this might be an indicator that both of you have everything to complete each other. And they are even offering it to you on a golden tray.” – Stefanie Neumann | Image: Heart-Scone © Stefanie Neumann – All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography #HeartsJourney #LoveAndCommunication #ValentinesDay Continue reading