Teetied – Time for a Cup of Frisian Tea

Teetied © Stefanie Neumann - Herzensreise - All Rights Reserved. #KBFPhotography

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

In North Germany we have a tea tradition which we call “Teetied”. That is the Low-German word for “tea time”.

For a traditional Teetied we use an East-Frisian tea blend and serve it in a tea-pot on a warmer which we call “Stövchen”. An East-Frisian tea blend can contain up to ten varieties of black tea which are mainly Assam teas but also some others. We also put cream in our tea. But we call it “Wulkje”. That is Frisian and means “little cloud”.

Low German and Frisian are the older languages which are still spoken in many parts of North Germany. Next to German, Low German is the second official language in many parts of Germany, whilst Frisian is an acknowledged minority language.

After brewing the tea correctly, as you can see in the video above, there are certain customs that accompany an East-Frisian Teetied:

  1. Place a piece of white rock sugar in the cup. For that we use special Kluntje tongues. Kluntje is what we call the rock sugar.
  2. Pour the tea over the Kluntje and listen to the sugar crackling.
  3. Use a Rohmlepel to ladle liquid cream on top, so that it forms clouds. A Rohmlepel is literally a cream spoon and it looks like a little ladle.
  4. Never stir the tea!

Alongside the tea we enjoy sweet biscuits or cake.

A Friesian Teetied is held around 3pm and consists of at least three cups of tea per person. If you have less than three cups it is considered impolite. Once you had enough tea – after enjoying at least three cups – you place your spoon inside the cup. This shows to the host, that you are done.

Next to the Teetied in the afternoon, the East-Frisian tea culture also knows the Elführtje, a short tea break in the morning at 11am and the Avondtje which is enjoyed at around 9pm. And, of course, every time when a visitor comes to the house, a fresh pot of tea is made.

Personally, I grew up with having tea every day in the afternoon or in the evening – always served in a pot on a Stövchen. We used brown rock sugar without cream or milk and enjoyed sundry varieties and blends of black tea. We also would stir the tea 😱. And each time, when a visitor would come to the house, announced or unannounced, we would make a fresh pot of tea. Later, I learned about the East-Frisian Teetied customs and grew very fond of it.

By the way, as a vegan, I won’t use cream for my clouds. Instead I use coconut milk. I take two parts of the solid coconut cream and one part of the liquid coconut whey. Also, I prefer brown rock sugar for my tea. But I am from Hamburg, so I guess, that’s ok. 😉

Are you ready to be guided by love, today?

Much Love,


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