Summer Greetings & Pictures from the Duck Pond

Sommergrüße & Bilder vom Ententeich 03 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

In case somebody missed it: It is Summer in the Northern hemisphere! And we actually do have a few sunny days here, in the North of Germany, which we are allowed to enjoy.

While it is said that elsewhere heat waves and floodings are moving through the country, we are having a beautiful, mild Summer, here.  It reminds me of the Summers in my childhood, only that we, as far as I remember, had less heavy rains and I also believe the time of the thunderstorms only started around August.

Now, in Summer, it is the time of abundance, as well. Various herbs, fruits and vegetables are now getting ripe for harvest and those who, like us, do not own a garden, are happy about what the balcony will give them as well as about the lower prices that come with the start of the harvesting season – not to mention the better quality of the fresh foods.  And then there also is an abundance of wild herbs which are now available.

Last year we made our own sour kraut for the first time and additionally we began to ferment certain vegetables Turşu style – the turkish way. As this worked well and is very becoming for us (by the way, usually I cannot do well with sour kraut at all) we continued our research in that direction and now, for harvesting season, many jars are sitting in our kitchen that contain various seasonal delights.

Not only is this a way to preserve food in a simple, sustainable way, also the nutrient content increases through the fermentation process while the digestibility gets better, too. This leads to us using up less food over all while feeling better nourished.

It is also a nice effect that one can create little jars with seasonal vegetables for the holidays, right away, and set them aside. This way the costs for an abundantly filled Thanksgiving table at the end of November, for example, are being distributed in a way that they actually barely count at all.

Furthermore this naturally is a wonderful time to get some sunlight.  For somebody like me with sun sensitive skin, a mild Summer like this one here in the North of the country is a true gift.  Also, I am a North-child and am already sweating enough at 25° Celsius in the shade.

We enjoy spending the early part of the day in our kitchen which faces East while catching the morning sunrays which poke in while we enjoy our breakfast and converse extensively.  During a very hot Summer I would not be able to bear that at this time of the year, but this year it is perfect for me.

Also, we like to go on walks which we recently managed nearly too rarely as we were busy with processing the fresh foods and I additionally did not feel too well, healthwise. But we walked a few pretty rounds, anyway – and when a walk was not in order, we at least visited the duck pond as you can see on the photos throughout this blog post.

Here is a little video, as well:

How are you, this Summer? Are you having a good time?

Are you ready to be guided by love, today?

Much Love,













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