4th Of July, G20 and a Full Moon

4th Of July, G20 and a Full Moon © Stefanie Neumann - Kokopelli Bee Free - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

4th of July

Last Tuesday Kim and I celebrated Independence Day to bring a little bit of the USA to Germany for Kim.

With some good planning and basically making everything from scratch, we managed to enjoy quite an abundant vegan dinner in spite of the fact that we did not have much money.

We had two kinds of rice burgers – one with dulse and one with pepper, rolls, tandoori tofu, oven roasted potato wedges, cucumber pickles, lacto-fermented curry ketchup, lacto-fermented hot mustard, a light dip “Ranch Dressing” style made with our own soya yoghurt, a refreshing salad and fermented lemonade. All homemade, vegan, organic and delicious. We had even more but only got to eating it the next day because everything was not only tasty but also very nourishing.

What a great way to celebrate the abundance of Summer!


The weekend brought even more USA to Kim’s front door, as Mr. Trump and his family arrived in Hamburg on Thursday – together with many politicians and their families from all over the world. They were meeting at the G20 Summit which took place here in Hamburg, this weekend.

This brought further abundance to the city – an abundance of colourful people demonstrating for a better world.

As it is with abundance, there is a lot and it is without judgement.

Thus, parts of the city also experienced an abundance of violence as some people did not come to demonstrate but rather to play Clockwork Orange.  It was announced (and permitted) as a demonstration called “Welcome to Hell”…

The Schanzenviertel, a quarter of town adjacent to ours, was completely wrecked two nights ago and looking at the pictures I feel reminded of a civil war in miniature. Cars were burning, shops were looted and even the pavement was damaged – not to mention all the injured people.

The Schanzenviertel is not unfamiliar to demonstrations that end in violence and I have seen a lot of scary moments especially around the time of May 1st when each year lots of people come together to celebrate destruction and then call this a political demonstration. But I have never seen anything like that night. Not even in the 1980’s when the houses at the famous Hafenstraße in another quarter of town were occupied and people had a lot of fights with the police.

From Thursday night until noon on Saturday we heard police cars and helicopters racing by, heading to the Schanzenviertel to get things under control, again.

Finally they must have succeeded.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday – which was after the summit – more cars were burning in three city quarters, one of them neighbouring to ours, and more violence was performed at the Schanzenviertel. From what I can see up to now it was scary but not as tumultuous as the previous night.

Sad that everybody remembers all the violence, now, instead of all the beautiful activities and gatherings that took place to create a fair and peaceful world together.

At different places in the city, for example, they gave a beautiful art performance on Wednesday, called 1000 Gestalten (in English something like: 1000 Bodies) that I found very touching.

On Wednesday and Thursday they held an alternative Global Solidarity Summit in the city.

Our quarter hosted the Global Citizen Festival on Thursday evening which we watched on TV (as we learned about it short-term and did not have tickets).

On Thursday night people demonstrated by dancing through the streets according to the motto: “Lieber Tanz Ich Als G20” (I rather dance than G20).

On Friday evening they had a peaceful bike demonstration through the city centre.

On Friday night people got together for a rather spontaneous rave at Reeperbahn and celebrated peace and love.

And on Saturday they demonstrated, as far as I know peacefully, at “Hamburg Zeigt Haltung” (Hamburg shows stance).

Another great activity is “Hamburg Räumt Auf” (Hamburg is cleaning up), initiated by Rebecca Lunderup via Facebook. Thousands of people followed the call and helped to clean up the Schanzenviertel, today:

And those are only a few examples of activities going on in Hamburg that really want to move something. Unfortunately the news are barely talking about it. That is why we have to share it.

A Full Moon

And today we have an abundant full moon.

I have been noticing big energetic movements during the last days which probably will reach their climax with today’s full moon.

No wonder that emotions in the city boiled up like a riptide with so much important stuff going on at such an energetic time.

Thus, it seems to me that it is more important than ever to take time to stop, to breathe, to check-in with and centre within ourselves.

And maybe we even notice this warm golden energy coming through, this Summer, that lets us know on a deep level that all is well.

How has your Summer been, so far?

Are you ready to be guided by love, today?

Much love,









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