Our Spiritual Self as a Mirror

Our Spiritual Self as a Mirror © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Let’s consider ourselves as mirrors. Mirrors can provide so many different types of reflections, so many different versions of the one being reflected.

When the “mirror” is a person, a person shall we say, with “issues” (prejudices, fears), the reflected image can be distorted.

One type of distortion is judgement.  It can take the form of shame or blame or guilt or whatever.  Judgement of self (distorted mirror) becomes a judgement of others (distorted reflection).  And it is a burden.

A burden is darkness, heaviness, fatigue.  This is why in many places in the Christian bible (and I’m sure other holy books as well) it says “Thou shalt not judge”.  It’s because doing so creates a weighing down of the spirit.

And this includes judging yourself.

When we’re being nice to others yet treating ourselves poorly by putting our attention on negative, depressing, belittling thoughts, we place ourselves in last place behind others. It’s rather like kicking yourself in the ass.  Kind of amusing to think about what that looks like, isn’t it?  Awkward!

Let’s consider putting our attention on something more positive and uplifting – the same as we do for others.  Let’s put ourselves first, so that we can be our best self for others. Our best self is a clear, clean reflector, and offers a clear, clean reflection.

“Being a mirror with a smooth, consistent, non-distorted reflective outside is about being clear and honest with yourself, loving yourself on the inside.”

–Kim Anthony Kersey

Clarity of Self Brings Clarity with Others

“Being clear with ourselves allows us to be clear with others.  When we are not clear, the other person gets a distorted view of themselves.” 

-Kim Anthony Kersey

If you’re weighed down with self-judgment, the other will feel judged.  They will sense the judgement in what is said, how it is said or what is not said.

For instance, you feel bad because you feel slighted by someone.  Someone else engages you in conversation and in the energy of rejection and judgement you seem to them to be annoyed, closed, angry.  They might think “Gosh, what did I do or say to this person to cause them to treat me this way?”

The distortion of the mirror (you) now becomes the distorted, reflected image (the other person’s experience of themselves in that moment).

Our Personal Power

“We have a say in what we experience. Our day-to-day life always has a context in the moment.  It is here that we have a chance to access then exercise great personal power.”

–Kim Anthony Kersey

Regarding context, don’t “con” yourself into listening to the “text”, the narrative that mind has absorbed from movies, TV shows or social media.  This is reaction.  Reaction (doing something you’ve seen others do on TV shows, movies, in the office or whatever) is a program, a default mode.

Instead, breathe, and then pause the text, the narrative, the snap decision, the judgement.

Allow yourself to use your personal power. Consider accepting what is in the moment, then choose a response when you feel balanced and comfortable doing so.

When we allow something else other than the program into our experience, we become aware of ourselves as sovereign beings, as consciously aware entities.  All of us can do this. This is who we are.

Our Clear, Non-Distorted Self

By allowing ourselves the choice to be balanced, as free of distortion as possible and clear, we gift ourselves clarity.  It is also a gift to humanity.  As more individuals experience themselves in this way, our experience of the world becomes one of greater beauty and love.  And that reflects well on everyone.

With this in mind:

A Happy Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready to be guided by love, today?

Much love,


Verbreite Deine Liebe - Spread Your Love

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