Today Is Our Third Wedding Anniversary!

Today Is Our Third Wedding Anniversary © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved. | #KBFPhotography #Herzensreise #HeartsJourney

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

It was a cloudy morning, three years ago in Denmark, when we got on our way from a little wooden hut in Ribe to the town hall of Tønder.  The air was still.  Strangely still.  Because Europe was awaiting Xaver.  The orkan (which is like a European version of a Hurricane) had been predicted for days.

When we left Tønders town hall as a freshly married couple and made for our way back to the little wooden hut in Ribe, we saw him coming.  Actually, Xaver was moving directly for us as we moved towards him.

We made it into the house just in time before the storm broke loose.  And what a storm it was!

This was the beginning of our marriage.  And against all expectation we did not wake up in Oz, the next day.  Instead we saw the aftermath of the storm on our way back to Hamburg, Germany.

Three years later we are still married and still happy with each other.

As happy as on the first day! … Or?

Actually, I would not say so.


Because things have changed since the first day.  The world has changed.  We have changed.

Kim and I have gone through so many things since we met.  We have gotten to know each other better.  And we have gotten to know ourselves better.  We have learned to go more and more with the flow of life; a flow that is ever-changing, just as life is ever-changing.  And so we are ever-changing.

The beauty is that we are changing together.  And we support each other in finding our centres as well as in staying centred.

So, are we as happy as on the first day?

No.  Because nothing is as it was on that first day.

I would say, though, that we may be even happier, now, if this is possible; or at least we experience the same amount of happiness in a different way.  And we definitely are a little wiser and much stronger.

Where is the flow of life taking you, today?

Are you ready to be guided by love, today?

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Today Is Our Third Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Kim, Steffi! May you have many more wonderful years together. Mark and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary this year and I too cherish all our time together. Much love, Trish (and Mark)

    • Hello Dear Trish,
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment and the warm wishes!
      Wow… 40 years of love… That is awesome! May your anniversary be a happy and beautiful one – just like every single day of your time together!
      Much love, also from Kim, to you and Mark,

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