And now … on to 2015

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Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Steffi and I look back on one year of marriage and 3+ years of partnership.  Each day brought new challenges … well, not each day, but many of them. We met the challenges with courage and positive expectation. Well, not exactly like that, but in hindsight we can say it worked out that way.

And actually, on those days that brought no particular challenge, we enjoyed the moments of peace and calm.

Well, actually not all of those days. Sometimes there was a fair bit of worry and fear.

My mind is prodigious when it comes to worry and fear. All I have to do is ask it and it delivers.


ME:  Hey Mind, is there anything to be worried about or fearful of?

MIND:  Heck yeah! Are you crazy? Your German is definitely not coming along as one would expect it to given your supposed learning capacity and all. And all the debt you have. And the bills you have to pay. What happens if you lose what little income you have? THEN what will you do?

ME: Yeah, I certainly am aware of all that. I would like to point out, though, that taking each day one at a time, for an entire year, Steffi and I have met the challenges, addressed our fears, paid our bills, and accomplished each task as it came to us, and enjoyed being with each other the entire time.

MIND:  Oh, lord, I sense the influence of HEART. “La la la … we have each other, L – is for the way you look at me, O – means you’re the only one for me … la la la”

ME:  No, I didn’t say it was a party or that it was easy. I certainly know what worry and frustration and feeling small is all about. And I certainly know that framing “what comes next” with fear will encourage one to do nothing, ask no questions, consider no options. I also know that it seems necessary to point out to you that I’m still here. Steffi is still here. Our bills are paid. We have steady income. We have planned wonderful holiday celebrations into the New Year and all is well – today, right now, this minute.

MIND:  Well …. fine. If that’s all you need – you and HEART and Steffi – live in the moment, live in the now …

ME:  Of course it is. And by the way that’s all you can do, too, you know? I appreciate your keeping me aware of options, the ability to reason my way through my experience, to think and express myself clearly. I believe those abilities along with HEART’S abilities to allow, trust, breathe, dream and to know balance and centeredness provide a nice support to my experience. I need you and HEART and Steffi to complete my full experience, my now experience.

MIND:  And you and Steffi truly have no worries whatsoever?

ME:  Actually, our expertise as worriers is quite highly developed. We live in and energy of lots of worry. I have noticed, though, this brings no peace, it brings in no money, it supports our growth and well-being not at all. It doesn’t seem logical to continue with that sort of thing, does it?

MIND:  Well … I suppose not … but .. maybe .. it could be …

ME:  What are you worried about?

MIND:  Huh? Well, I, uh…

ME: You’ve got a great team in me, HEART, and Steffi. With your help and focus and energy, without the drag and fog of worry, I feel pretty good about tomorrow or next week … don’t you?

MIND:  (hmmpf)

ME:  Come on … ! You feel better, now, don’t you?

MIND: Well, yes, right NOW I do, .. but

ME:  No butting .. Right now. All is well, isn’t it?

MIND: Well, of course, I can see that.

ME: Welcome to the team!


“I see these words that I have written and I now realize I am living them.”

-Kim Kersey

When we can live now, we have the chance look back later and see we won the game. See? Now spelled backwards is won. Okay, that’s a bit dull – and life’s not really a competition.

I know some energy and push is required from time to time. I also know flexibility and flow balances those aspects of our experience that are rigid and fixed.

I am capable and expert at living my life. Steffi is capable and expert at living her life.

We allow the full experience of the spiritual moment into our physical bodies and the light that is each of us emerges in spectacular ways.

On to 2015 with  L-O-V-E !


“L-O-V-E” – Nat King Cole


2 thoughts on “And now … on to 2015

  1. Beautifully written. Thinking of you often. We are off to California tomorrow to see Mike and Medsie for the holidays. Hope you and Stefi have a warm, wonderful Christmas. Love, Trish

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