Impressions from our Autumn Celebrations

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

According to the Celtic calendar this year’s Autumn has passed and Winter has started with November 1st.  The days are getting shorter, the light is getting dimmer and it is time to snuggle in and reflect about the year that now mostly lies behind us.

As I mentioned in our last post, this is also a time of celebration for us.  A time of golden candle light and uplifting fragrances filling the house and making it a magical place.  Our witchy kitchen is contributing it’s part as we are cooking up a lot of tasty stuff.  Our meals are mostly vegan and they are becoming healthier and healthier, too.  It is just more fun for us, this way, and we can indulge the deliciousness without regrets.

We did not manage to get our Autumn decorations out, this year.  But apart from the natural occurring decoration like squash and apples on the kitchen table, my mum showed up, one day, with knitted pumpkins and mushrooms she had created.

For this latitude the weather has been unusually mild, up to now.  We had a couple of frosty days in mid October or so, but then it got quite warm, again.  It is a bit like having Indian Summer in Germany.  That gives us the opportunity to enjoy the setting sun on our balcony.

With the change of the clock back from daylight saving time to regular time it has become more difficult to catch some light during an evening walk.

Therefore, we can wander in the surreal scenery of the blue hour.

I hope you enjoyed the Autumn and have a happy Winter ahead!

Much love,

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