Easter Greetings

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Beauty right in front of our door:

It’s time, again!  Easter is approaching the upcoming weekend.  In Germany, that means a long weekend with two bank holidays, as Good Friday and Easter Monday are work free days.

Of course, it is not just about a long weekend off.  For the Christian world it is the most important feast of their religion.  For non-Christians in the northern hemisphere it still is a celebration of spring, cleansing and new beginnings.  –  And at least the new beginnings are something to celebrate around the world, no matter where you live and which season you experience.

For Kim and me it is a celebration of cleansing and peaceful new beginnings, while spring is literally unfolding its beauty.

On Saturday night before Easter – if the weather allows it – there will be Easter fires all over Germany.  Some say this tradition goes back to the Celtic and Germanic days.  The Christian church, however, is maintaining this tradition, still, and some are not just lighting candles during the nightly easter service but also having a little bonfire in front of the church.

Most of the Easter fires, here in Hamburg, are admittedly not so much a religious celebration but more a welcome opportunity for the first outdoors party of the year – regardless of the sometimes rather cool-ish temperatures.  The ones along River Elbe are huge and it can get rather smokey around here during this night.

In Germany, we traditionally have a meal with “green sauce” on Green Thursday  –  the day before Good Friday.  How the green sauce is made differs from region to region.  I learned to make it with 7 or 9 different kinds of fresh herbs  –  preferably wild herbs.  The dish is easily prepared and a great way to bring all the power of Spring to the dinner table.

We also have planned special homemade meals for the rest of the Easter weekend.  They will be mostly vegan, although we will have a couple of eggs.

Apart from the green sauce the vegan dishes include: Fish & Chips (made from eggplant [heh, heh] with seaweed flakes), bear leek gnocchis with tomatoes and seitan chorizo, asparagus with smoked tempeh and potatoes, carrot muffins, easter cookies and peanut butter white chocolate blondies will be amongst it.

What I like so much about the Easter food (as opposed to other seasonal celebrations) is, that it actually can be light, nutritious and cleansing while it tastes marvelous.

Of course, we will have the traditional German Easter brunch – just that it will look more like an Irish breakfast, due to our mixed up cultural background.  😉

Another Easter tradition in Germany is the Easter walk on Sunday.  Usually that happens after the children are done with the Easter egg hunt and when the brunch is finished.

Hopefully we will still have some Japanese cherry blossoms on the trees along our street after the currently ongoing stormy gusts…

Anyways, we still have the paper flowers from our new, homemade Easter decoration.  Furthermore I have been out, last weekend, to take the pictures, above.  –  Did you know that the German word for Daffodil can be translated as “Easter Bell”?

How do you celebrate Easter?  Do you celebrate it, at all?  Do you have any special traditions for this occasion that you personally love?

Much love,



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