Now Path © 2013 Stefanie Neumann

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

It’s spring. Already the daylight and darkness have balanced themselves.

Our journey of balancing, supporting and experiencing ourselves as a couple continues to shape and guide us as individuals.
Each day, as we discuss others, ourselves, the weather, the news, music, food or whatever, we exchange energy with one another as high mindedly as possible.

Our relationship is all that I had hoped it would be. I did not plan in a mindful way a specific series of events. I rather chose to be quite open about what it would actually look like.

I did, though, allow for a space in which we could both experience ourselves in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

As with all “travel” to new places, wrong turns are made, bumpy roads appear out of nowhere and the weather is not always ideal.
Adding to the experience is our age difference: Steffi is 38, I am 58. Folks who are 58 are normally finishing up a career, slowing down, sticking to familiar habits, having familiar conversations with familiar people. I have chosen a different path.

Whatever the case, our paths have merged and I believe we are both the better for it. I believe this because Steffi and I feel strongly about being clear with ourselves and with each other.
Clarity does not allow for hiding or pretending. It requires self-responsibility. (Dang!)

As we continue to find and appreciate our clarity, our responsibility to ourselves and each other, we grow individually as well as a married couple.

Our marriage is our reminder to always stay present in this now moment, on this now path.

There are no wrong turns, no accidents. On our now path, our clarity and peace and self-responsibility are ever-present in a natural and flowing way.

Thank you, Steffi!


2 thoughts on “A NOW PATH FOR TWO

  1. Thank you for sharing. A new conscious relationship, I celebrate with you. The clarity and the presence makes it all that it is.
    Standards for all, blessings.

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