Lá Shona Fhéile Pádraig!

or:  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

(We believe, the camera person is about here.)

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

If you, like us, could not make it to Ireland, this year, here are two links that provide live streams from this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin:

My World Events

St. Pat’s Day.net

It’s a first for us, too, so we don’t know how well these work or if they work at all outside of Ireland.  Yet, we are hoping for the best.  🙂  The previous two years we spent this day in Ireland and could follow the parade on Irish tv.  (Due to the crowds you actually see more of the event on tv.)  –  We’ll miss to participate at the big Céilí (Irish dancing) at Saint Stephen’s Green in Dublin, though.

Due to the occasion here some hand-picked impressions from our last Ireland trip.  We hope, you enjoy:


4 thoughts on “Lá Shona Fhéile Pádraig!

    • Hi Christine!

      Have you been there, before?
      It’s great when you finally find the place that you have known in your heart for so long, isn’t it?! It was for me when I saw some places on the Isles.

      The Hill of Tara and Boyne Valley quite powerful places in many regards.

      Thank you for stopping by and much love,

      • Hello, Steffi,

        I did get to visit Ireland for two weeks, in 2009, but I did not get to see those two places, because my disabilities prevented it (I was traveling alone, for the last time).

        Germany is also a beautiful country. In my youth, I lived for a year in Augsburg, and did a lot of travel by train and bus, and I took a boat ride down the river Neckar.

        Before I close, I must not forget to congratulate you on your marriage. May you and Kim enjoy long lives and much happiness!

        Yours truly,

      • Christine,

        thank you so much – also in Kim’s name – for your warm congratulations on our marriage. 🙂

        What a pitty that you did not have the chance to see Hill of Tara and Boine Valley. May you get the chance, one day, to go there (with somebody to support you). Yet, how wonderful that you have been over at the Emerald Island at all!

        I’m glad that you enjoyed your time in Augsburg. When you are young, train and bus are perfect vehicles to explore new places in an authentic way! And the boat ride must have been beautiful. Actually, Augsburg is at the other end of the country from where we live (Hamburg), but I know that they make awesome “Printen”, there – (probably best described as a kind of short bread).

        Much love,

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