Valentine’s Impressions


We celebrated a really beautiful first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.

The preparations started about a week in advance when Kim reserved a table for us at the Leaf Vegan Restaurant  –  our favourite romantic dinner place here in Hamburg.

Meanwhile I started planning on some homemade food for breakfast and coffee time in the afternoon.  Yes, in Germany we traditionally have coffee around 3 pm or 4 pm.  🙂

I made scones, lemon curd, blood orange curd (just because it sounded so great!), mayonnaise, three kinds of heart-shaped confectionery, dates filled with vegan chorizo and vegan pyrossi and heart-shaped ice cubes with rose petals for our “champaigne” from Switzerland.

The curds and the confectionery were a first for me and it all worked out beautifully.  I altered the recipes for the Sweet Hearts a bit, so we had Sunny Cocoa Hearts (with sunflower petals), Pink-Violett Crazy Hearts (with lavender blossoms and craisins soaked in red wine instead of fresh strawberries) and Rosey-White Chocolate Hearts (with rose petals and because of my milk allergy altered to vegan).

The fudge for the Rosey-White Chocolate Hearts became a bit soft through the alteration which made it a super fancy ice cream confectionery.  Actually, I believe those were Kim’s favourites!

We enjoyed a peaceful day together and in the evening we left home early to pop by at a store called Sweet Suburbia.  It is a British department store right vis-a-vis from the Leaf and so we stocked up on a few of our favourite British specialities.

Dinner at the Leaf was awesome and so enjoyable!  The food there is heavenly and people are just so kind.

May be that Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar.  But as we say in Germany:  One shall celebrate the feasts as they occur.  So we celebrated our love!  😀

Much love,

Verbreite Deine Liebe - Spread Your Love

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